Our Meal Plan Process

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Our Meal Plan Process

Order Food

1. Order Food

Replace all the wrong foods in your environment and routine with the right foods. Personal Trainer Food offers the 'right' food that's easy to eat. Order a plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Accelerate your weight loss with our fasting pack. Shipping is free.

Follow the Plan

2. Follow the Plan

Follow the Personal Trainer Food Guidelines to Success to begin building good short and simple routines. This includes healthy eating instructions for your plan, easy daily exercises and additional valuable information to help you maximize results.

Ignore the Noise

3. Ignore the Noise

Confusion is the #1 cause of weight loss failure and we clear it up.

Keep it Simple

4. Keep it Simple

Stay with the plan and keep it simple. Consistent routines lead to habit- and good habits are how you keep the weight off.

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What to Expect

Days 1 to 7

Jump start your weight loss with a 24-48 hour fast. Your food arrives. You transition from processed food to whole foods. You experience sugar withdrawals. Walk 2,000 steps a day.

Days 8 to 14

Energy increases. You sleep better. Your body is detoxifying from processed foods. You are now entering fat burn mode.

Days 15 to 21

Clothes are getting looser. Your weight is dropping. You are beginning to understand the whole process with your body, mind and emotions.

Days 22 to 28

Your confidence is through the roof. Friends are noticing your size reduction. You know what you must do and you're ready for more!

Having the right plan and sticking to it is the key to achieving your goals. Don’t wait any longer to get the body you deserve.

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