Besides weight loss what other benefits can I expect?

More energy, better health, compliments and more

The scale isn't the only way to measure your progress. At Personal Trainer Food, we talk a lot about non-scale victories. There's more than one way to measure success.

Here are some examples of our customers sharing their non-scale victories:

  • Someone who hadn't seen me in a long time said I looked smoking hot! -Scarlett B.
  • I had a pair of tall boots that were too tight around my calves, but now I can zip them all the way up and there is room to spare. -Shannon C.
  • Over Christmas, everybody asked me if I had lost weight. I told them about Personal Trainer Food and now half of my family is ordering! -Steven H.
  • My blood pressure is now 120/70. I have been battling high blood pressure for years, so this is major when it comes to non-scale victories. -Victoria V.
  • I've had so many non-scale victories since I started. But yesterday I got the most important one– someone commented about how happy I look. I feel wonderful too. -Vanessa S.
See more examples of non-scale victories and the transformational benefits of losing weight and feeling healthy on the Personal Trainer Food program.

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I’ve tried so many other diets, the food was horrible, weight loss would last about a week, then I’d pack it on again. I have never been so happy on a diet as I am with Personal Trainer Food. -- Kayla

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